Verdicts and Settlements

The following are examples of cases litigated by the founding attorney:

► $450,000,000 Antitrust Claim for Cartwright Act Violations.
Represented plaintiff in an extensively litigated $450,000,000 antitrust lawsuit against major automobile manufacturer and several dealerships. Resolved through settlement on mutually satisfactory terms.

► Defense Judgment in $16,000,000 Lawsuit for Breach of Covenant Not to Compete, Interference and Unfair Competition.
Dispute between former business partners concerning the departing partner’s allegedly wrongful use of wireless technology products developed in a subsequent business venture. Represented defendants in a court trial wherein two of three defendants prevailed outright, with entitlement to prevailing party attorneys’ fees pursuant to the terms of the contract. Nominal eavesdropping award against remaining defendant subsequently resolved pursuant to global settlement.

► Defense Judgment in $3,900,000 Breach of Written Purchase and Sale Agreement Claim.
Successfully pursued plaintiff developer’s $6,000,000 claim for breach of purchase agreement against school district. Then prevailed in court trial of the school district’s remaining $3,900,000 cross-complaint against the developer and recovered an award of prevailing party attorneys’ fees and costs pursuant to the terms of the contract.

► Plaintiff Judgment in $530,000 Breach of Oral Contract Claim.
Represented plaintiff in lawsuit against his former business associate for breach of an oral agreement to pay him 10% of a $6.2 million litigation settlement. Jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff in the full amount of his $530,000 claim (representing $620,000 minus $90,000 already paid). Plaintiff again prevailed in response to Defendant’s appeal of the judgment, which was affirmed in its entirety.

► Personal Injury Plaintiff $200,000 Full Policy Limits Recovery.
Represented plaintiffs in personal injury automobile accident lawsuit against defendant driver and underinsured motorist insurer and successfully obtained full policy limits settlement from each.

► Plaintiff Arbitration Award in $81,000 Subcontractor Claim for Unpaid Change Orders.
Represented plaintiff drywall subcontractor in arbitration against general contractor for failure to pay change orders. Plaintiff subcontractor prevailed on the full amount of its claim, including recovery of prevailing party attorneys’ fees and subsequently recovered $18,000 of additional attorneys’ fees incurred in the process of collecting the judgment.

► Settlement in Favor of Defendant Employer in Wrongful Termination and Whistleblower Lawsuit.
Represented employer in defense of more than $4,000,000 of employee wrongful termination and whistleblower claims which were settled for nominal payment below original severance offer.

► Recovery in Favor of Plaintiff Investor Against Financial Advisor.
Successfully pursued plaintiff’s lawsuit against his financial advisor for failing to return investment proceeds.

► Recovery in Favor of Medical Services Provider.
Successfully pursued lawsuit by plaintiff OB/GYN against Independent Physician Association for improper rejection of claims and failure to timely pay claims.

► Successful Appeal of Superior Court Order.
Obtained a reversal of the trial court’s order sustaining a demurrer to plaintiff’s complaint, without leave to amend, in Quiet Title Action concerning ownership of the plaintiff’s home.